In today’s world, not all cases need to be heard in court. The mediation process has been found to be a popular way to resolve disputes without the cost and hassle of going to trial. In fact, many courts and many private contracts require that some form of mediation be utilized prior to, or as part of, litigation. Mediation of some sort is utilized on an increasing scale – over 90 percent of all court cases filed in California are resolved before they reach the courtroom.

Mediation, also known as Alternative Dispute Resolution, is also an economic alternative to the costly and lengthy litigation process. It typically brings a faster resolution to the dispute at hand, and parties’ privacy and confidentiality can still be maintained.

Mediation also affords the parties an opportunity to have a neutral third party involved in the resolution of the dispute at hand. More knowledge and experienced with the issue in question, this neutral referee is able to give a more informed and less arbitrary decision as opposed to a judge or jury holding generalized knowledge. This is more likely to result in a decision that is fair and equitable to both parties.

The Riverside office of Reid & Hellyer is your Inland Empire mediation law firm. We have been providing mediation and arbitration services for clients throughout the Inland Empire for years, and our attorneys are hired due to the zealous advocacy they hold when it comes to representing their clients whether it is in the courtroom with a judge or in the private mediation process.

Should you decide to pursue the path of mediation, know that the attorneys at Reid & Hellyer are experienced and knowledgeable about the process. Reid & Hellyer attorneys serve as mediators and arbitrators both through the courts, bar associations and privately. Many have received formal education, training, and certification in alternate dispute resolution, conflict management and mediation.

James J. Manning, Jr. (“Jim”) likewise is an experienced mediator, whose expertise in real estate, construction and media matters have facilitated the settlement of numerous disputes.  Jim encourages pre-litigation mediation whenever possible.  Mr. Manning is a member of the Riverside County Bar Association Dispute Resolution Service and has certification from the University of California, Riverside Extension.  Rates and locations are available upon request.

Reid & Hellyer’s attorneys have represented parties in numerous mediation forums and can explain the various mediation processes to you. As the premier Inland Empire business and real estate litigation law firm, our clients come to us when they are seeking quality representation to guide them through the dispute resolution process.

Find out how mediation can work for your situation. Contact us to explore the benefits.