At Reid & Hellyer, we have developed a noteworthy media law practice in Southern California, particularly in Riverside, Orange County and the Inland Empire.

Our media lawyers have developed a strong expertise in this area to meet the needs of our media clients, as well as general business issues faced by these clients.

Our media lawyers knows that freedom of the press is an important American right that needs to be protected with vigorous and experienced representation. We can provide the representation that your media organization needs to ensure that the public’s right to know is safeguarded. In today’s world, it is more important than ever for these First Amendment rights to be kept safe from interference. The media must be able to provide full, fair, and unbiased reporting of matters facing the communities they serve.

If your media organization is facing these types of media law issues, or if you are anticipating the need for a media lawyer, contact the media attorneys of Reid & Hellyer to assist you in defending the First Amendment.

This practice area covers all manner of issues faced by newspapers, television, and radio stations, including…

  • Defamation defense
  • Retraction Demands
  • Pre-publication review
  • Freedom of information and open meetings
  • Court access
  • Prior restraint
  • Shield Law
  • Anti-SLAPP
  • First Amendment and other constitutional issues
  • Newspaper adjudication proceedings
  • Slander